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Moments Lab Conquers The Limitations of AI Landmark Detection
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Moments Lab Conquers The Limitations of AI Landmark Detection

Moments Lab Content Team
March 21, 2023

Leveraging state-of-the-art AI indexing, journalists can find video clips of famous landmarks in less than two seconds.

We’ve just released our cutting-edge new AI landmark detection capability for indexing and searching media assets. Available on the Moments Lab Just Index, Cloud Media Hub, Media Marketplace, and Live Asset Manager solutions, this new location-based search feature enables producers, journalists, and media managers to pull up video sequences of known and lesser known landmarks (i.e., the White House, Niagara Falls, London city skyline, etc.), including aerial shots, in less than two seconds.

Find famous and lesser-known landmarks in less than two seconds with our new AI Landmark Detection capability. (Newsbridge is now Moments Lab)

Here’s what our co-founder and CTO Frederic Petitpont has to say about the new feature.

“When a journalist is working on a story, they need to be able to quickly find live, file-based, and archived content related to where the action is happening. For instance, a demonstration in front of the Colorado state capitol building requires video footage of the political scene.”
“Previously, journalists relied on manual annotators or off-the-shelf AI landmark detection services that are limited and expensive. Our dataset is larger, and we can specifically detect when there’s an aerial shot. Our AI technology automatically analyzes media more efficiently, enabling us to be very competitive on cost.” 
“With our new AI landmark detection feature, locating video clips of historic structures, monuments, cityscapes, and landscapes is lightning fast.”

Our AI indexing technology fuels speedier news and sports production for leading media organizations, broadcasters, TV channels, and sports rights holders. Adding the landmark detection feature to the world-class Moments Lab Multimodal AI indexing and search technology allows users to detect a variety of entities in media assets, including location, people, logos, objects, patterns, speech, scenes. Our search technology is intuitive and easy to use, offering journalists and producers an experience that is similar to searching the web.

Semantic search enables users to find landmarks, monuments and landscapes in their media in the same easy and intuitive way they search the web. (Newsbridge is now Moments Lab)

Media managers can use the AI landmark detection feature for a wide range of use cases, including selling landmark clips and aerial shots to potential buyers, discovering familiar sights within existing video content to enrich their archive, storing indexed results in a dedicated search engine, and running AI indexing on live streams to optimize search, clip creation, and the delivery of recordings to MAM and third-party storage systems. 

We will showcase our new AI landmark detection feature at the 2023 NAB Show, April 16-19 at booth W2073. Book a time to meet with us in Las Vegas, or contact us for more information.f

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