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Introducing Next Level Search: Advanced Search Exploration & Retrieval
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Introducing Next Level Search: Advanced Search Exploration & Retrieval

Moments Lab Content Team
June 1, 2021

There's a new search in town, and it's #NextLevel 

Here at Moments Lab (ex Newsbridge) we take customer feedback seriously, seriously.

After consolidating user suggestions related to our built-in search engine powered by Multimodal AI, we’re now delivering a revolutionary experience for you and your team's advanced search exploration and retrieval needs.

We’ve built a new search experience that considers your organization’s unique dataset structure along with specific usage and business requirements, ultimately delivering a more customized, natural and supersonic search.

Next Level Search: Natively Built to Harness Massive AI-Generated Data 💪

By restructuring our built-in search experience to deliver ‘shard indexing’, or indexing that makes results easier to find and faster to load, we are now allowing you to go beyond our already advanced cognitive search, into the ‘next-level’ of ultra relevant, accurate and powerful results.

Until now, you’ve been able to carry out global search queries around a keyword or suite of keywords without specifications, with the system suggesting all metadata related occurrences as seen below:

This is still true, but we’ve added a major upgrade to the mix! Now along with receiving suggestions after completing a search query, you will also see a more robust lineup of customizable sub-search criteria as seen below:

This new sub-search panel is going to help you pin down even more specific content and sequences based on your organization’s unique dataset structure and pulled metadata.

Customizable AI-Powered Search Experience for Live and Archived Content

The basics are covered, so now it’s time for a deep dive! Here’s an example of some of the sub-search criteria available for a more refined search (custom fields subject to change depending on users’ unique data models and requirements):

- Recorded at: Search for your query within a specific time frame.

- Media Asset(s) Type: Select the desired media type (i.e. video, image, audio, document) and approval status.

- Labels: Select auto-generated and customizable labels to add further precision to your query.

- People: Confirm the known individual related to your query and any associated profiles.

- Programs: Select a specific grouping of assets based on predefined custom programs.

- Rights: Specify asset rights criteria to further refine your search.

- Search in: Select the category type you’d like to search within (i.e. annotations, transcript, filename, media title, mission title, labels, person).

Supersonic Speed: An Added Bonus!

It’s not just a new search, it’s a faster one too. With our Next-Level Search Engine, the average search query time is roughly 20ms, regardless of dataset size.

That’s fast...really fast. With this new update, we are happy to deliver our fastest search experience yet! When you need to put your story together in record-breaking time, we’re here to help.

Get Ready to take your search to the next level!

More enriched data, better results, less pollution.

No matter the size of your inherited dataset, our Next-Level Search is now available for you to build a valorized media asset collection. As a search that is fluent in cognitive data powered by AI, our new update allows you to build an advanced and sustainable future for your unique media asset management needs.

Lucky for you, Next-Level Search is already deployed and live. No license upgrade needed.

Happy Searching!

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