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What’s New From Moments Lab? Automatic Sequencing, Sound Bites, Search Improvements and More
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Product Updates

What’s New From Moments Lab? Automatic Sequencing, Sound Bites, Search Improvements and More

Product Team
April 10, 2024

Explore the latest product updates from Moments Lab, designed to streamline your team’s production workflows by enabling them to find the moments that matter in your media library in seconds. 

Automatically Break Down any Video Into Sequences

Editorial teams spend too much time watching lengthy videos and rushes on repeat —or sped up — as they search for the clips they need. Our multi-award-winning AI MXT-1.5 now intelligently groups shots together based on visual and audio similarity. This means that instead of watching videos, content producers can simply scroll through the sequences to understand what’s in the footage, helping them to pinpoint the best moments they need for their stories. 

Top Tip: Sequence descriptions are also indexed, meaning they can be searched for and picked up from your main library.

Inspire New Story Angles With Sound Bite Detection 

Our new Sound Bites feature identifies the most engaging dialogue in your videos and provides added context for clarity. MXT-1.5 leverages a large language model trained on thousands of publicly available interviews, speeches, blogs and articles, so it knows a captivating quote when it hears one. No more tedious transcript searches for your production teams—our AI does the heavy lifting for you.

Top Tip: Be inspired by MXT-1.5 detected sound bites to craft a fresh take on a story for new articles and share-worthy social content.

Search Within a Collection

Narrow the net and get more accurate results by starting your search from a customized collection on the Moments Lab platform. Collections are rule-based smart folders of related content that update in real-time when new, relevant media is ingested.

Sort Videos Automatically

Categorizing your content is an essential part of media ingest and archiving workflows, but today it’s mostly done manually and with a series of dropdown boxes, or, it’s not done at all. Once your videos are ingested and analyzed by our AI, they can be automatically classified into a selection of topic categories defined by you. 

After MXT-1.5 ingest and analysis, videos can be automatically classified into custom defined topic categories.

Top Tip: You can set up collections based on your custom defined categories, which make it easier for internal and external users to find the content they’re looking for. 

See Why Your Results Match Your Query

Our new Search Score Log provides you with an overview of why certain media assets and moments have been returned based on your search query.

Be among the first to see these latest features and updates in action in Las Vegas at the 2024 NAB Show, April 14-17 at LVCC. Come and see us at booth SL2113 - pick a meeting time.  

Not going to NAB? Head here to book your personalized demo.

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