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Moments Lab, CIS Group, and Glookast Partner for AI-Powered Media Digitization and Indexing
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Moments Lab, CIS Group, and Glookast Partner for AI-Powered Media Digitization and Indexing

Press Release
April 15, 2024

Bringing a Cutting-Edge End-To-End Solution to Broadcasters in North and South America

Leading AI and video search company Moments Lab (formerly Newsbridge) announced today that it has partnered with CIS Group and Glookast to provide an archive digitization and indexing service that uses Moments Lab’s award-winning MXT multimodal AI indexing models.

The partnership gives news and broadcast groups in the Americas an all-in-one solution to digitize and index large volumes of audiovisual content in an efficient and cost-effective manner, thanks to the groundbreaking, patented AI indexing technology.

CIS Group will use in-house solutions and those of close partner Glookast to provide customers with a complete service that is underpinned by Moments Lab’s MXT-1.5 AI to make media assets fully searchable. By leveraging Glookast’s feed ingest product with VTR control, tape-based archives will be digitized and ingested directly into Moments Lab’s platform, where AI services can be automatically triggered, enhancing the metadata associated with these newly digitized media assets. Users will be able to search their media library on Moments Lab and share media assets with other asset management systems by leveraging Glookast’s Media Services platform.

“Moments Lab’s revolutionary AI indexing technology enables organizations to find and extract value from their media heritage,” said Matt Silva, CEO at CIS Group. “We’re very excited to join forces with Moments Lab for the benefit of our customers in North and South America, especially amid the growing demand for the fast digitization of tape-based archives and metadata enhancement, to help unlock new revenue streams.”

“An end-to-end digitization solution for media archives is tough to find in the current market, and until recently, using AI for large indexing projects was simply too expensive,” explained Philippe Petitpont, Moments Lab co-founder and CEO. “We’re very pleased to partner with CIS Group and Glookast to enable broadcasters to finally tackle their archive projects at scale with next-gen AI and to bring more value to their business.”

Moments Lab and CIS Group’s solutions are available to demo at the 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas, April 14-17, at booths SL2113 and SU1037, respectively. Book a demo here.

About Moments Lab

Moments Lab’s mission is to help content producers build videos faster. The platform makes audiovisual content searchable to reduce the time spent sourcing the key moments required to tell a story. MXT Multimodal AI is here to address video indexing challenges, describing sequences in natural language and enabling content professionals to focus on creativity and higher-value decisions.

Today, our platform is used worldwide by TV networks, sports rights holders, production companies, journalists, producers, and archivists to scale content creation workflows and generate new revenue streams. Whether it be for managing and accessing live recordings, clipping highlights, researching story angles, content retrieval, or content showcasing and licensing.

About CIS Group

For over 30 years, CIS has been a distributor and digital systems designer and integrator, providing innovative technology solutions to a multitude of clients in various regions. In doing so, we have focused on putting our clients’ budget to good use by optimizing their workflows, ultimately enabling them to maximize creativity and business value while we focus on putting together comprehensive technology solutions for their content production objectives. Our core expertise lies in news, sports, and entertainment, but we also service non-media institutions, such as houses of worship, educational entities, and corporates.

Headquartered in Florida, USA, CIS also has offices and representatives in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo), Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Portugal, servicing customers all over the world.


GLOOKAST’s mission is to simplify some of the most challenging and nuanced aspects of content production by making media assets available when they are needed, where they are needed, and to the users who need them. We achieve this by leveraging our portfolio of real-time and file-based products that are aimed at ingest and workflow optimization use cases, while remaining flexible and open to continuously enhancing our solutions alongside customers, based on their requirements. GLOOKAST fundamentally believes that in today’s world, it is more important than ever to be intentional and strategic about how media assets are created and managed within a production environment, as well as an archive environment. At GLOOKAST, we’ve worked with media organizations around the world to help implement our ingest and workflow tools in a way that enables their media teams to do just that: ensure that their assets are created in an efficient, usable, secure, and monetizable fashion, all while allowing users to have the freedom of choice in relation to which production and post-production environments they adopt.

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