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Structure Your Data With

Thesaurus & Taxonomy

Moments Lab gives you user-friendly tools
to future-proof your knowledge base and data models.

Move from informal keyword lists 
to a robust knowledge base. 

Thesaurus and Taxonomy are the foundations for building your company's vocabulary and dictionaries, ensuring your content is searchable by everyone.

Train MXT-1. Build your dataset.

It's machine learning made simple. Train the AI to detect people, logos and/or patterns in just a few clicks. Every entry is linked to previously existing entities, and can be enriched with Wikidata if you wish.

Custom Fields

You have the flexibility to create any type of field you need: date, location, names and aliases, multiple choice lists, dropdowns, checkboxes, free text or even ratings, the decision is yours.

Knowledge graph

Your thesaurus and taxonomy entries are stored and linked together to create an extremely efficient knowledge graph. Easily customize the inferences you need to make between concepts to match your unique organization. Since it's a graph, it's compliant with your existing tree-based dataset.

Multilingual metadata

Automatically localize your media asset data in another language and take advantage of Moments Lab's editable suggestions. No matter the language source of your media, it will then be searchable in the other language you are managing. After all, if you speak someone's language, you'll speak to their heart (Nelson Mandela said something like that, not us).

Multimodal Rules

Easily create indexing routines by setting multimodal rules that match your specific needs. For example, when MXT-1 detects an aerial shot, you can set up a rule to automatically add the tag "B-roll"

The possibilities are endless!

Semantic Search

Semantics make logical association between concepts, very much like we as humans do. The benefit of semantic search is that it enables everyone to search the way they want - and successfully find what they need.

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Build a future-proof knowledge base

Build a future-proof knowledge base

Don't start from scratch

You can easily import your existing tree-based databases.
We already detect half a million public figures and concepts.
We also read file names to populate metadata fields.

Our platform is open, your data is portable. 

Descriptions and metadata can be sent to third party MAMs or OTT platforms and used to optimize SEO.

Your data is 100% private and secure

The data you're uploading in the system to train MXT-1 is not shared with us, or anyone else. The media assets are yours and yours alone. Everything is encrypted and only accessible to authenticated and authorized users.

Customer Stories

“Moments Lab provides us with a fast and efficient means of managing our thesaurus in both English and Arabic. The user interface enables us to easily train the AI.”

Kathey Battrick, Senior Manager of Media & Libary, Asharq News

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We integrate with industry standard media asset management platforms.
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Making content live forever

Preserving your ever-growing library of content is not just about having the right storage. It's about ensuring your media is searchable, with universal metadata that can be read by both human and machine with no ambiguity.

Your success matters to us

When adopting Moments Lab, a dedicated customer success manager will help you get the most out of your platform. We take pride in our responsiveness, and you can easily reach us via an embedded chat or WhatsApp.

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