Enhancing Creative Workflows for Brands & Corporations

We help brands organize, find, and repurpose their audiovisual media to tell more compelling stories about their company and products.

Easily access your audiovisual media collection

Consolidate your media collection in a single, cloud-based platform. Improve collaboration by providing easy and secure access to internal and external stakeholders, such as agencies and creative freelancers.

Find the right moment in seconds

Empower your marketing, PR and social teams to quickly find the images or video clips they need to build their story with our intuitive, moment-based search.

Automate media logging

Our award-winning AI model, MXT, combines audio and visual data to automatically describe and summarize your images and videos like a human - improving content discovery and removing time-consuming media tagging workflows.

Manage your live events

Schedule and record live streams of your events, webinars and more. Clip key moments for real-time distribution to internal or external channels. Automatically apply full AI analysis once your transmission is over so it can be effectively archived and repurposed in the future.


Smart Collections
Create dynamic collections based on events, executives and more, for fast retrieval of pertinent content.
Roles & Permissions
Easily manage who can view, access and share what content on your platform.
Custom Fields
Complement AI-generated information with your own custom metadata schema that can be automatically populated depending on ingest methods.
AI Fine-Tuning
Train our AI to recognize current and former executives across your media library.
Soundbite Detection
Automatically highlight the most engaging quotes in webinar, event and interview footage.
Custom Branding
Brand your platform in your colors for a cohesive look and feel for your teams.
Reporting & Analytics
Get insights into how your audiovisual media is accessed, used and shared amongst your users.
Portable Metadata
Already have a DAM? Our AI can accurately enrich your media before sending it back to your current system.
Easily apply a standardized vocabulary and outline relationships between terms and labels at scale for more effective content retrieval.

Connect With Your Current Tools.

Moments Lab integrates with 30+ tools used by Brands to optimize their workflows.

How does pricing work?

We can propose a package based on how much content you want to ingest, analyze and store, as well as which additional features you want included. Contact us to find out more.

What type of media can I ingest?

We’ve built our technology to work with a vast range of media formats, based on our experience working with some of the world’s largest media and broadcast companies.

How does your AI indexing and search work?

Our multimodal AI, MXT, combines computer vision, speech recognition, and generative AI to understand your images and videos contextually. Unlike other monomodal AI which tags everything it sees, we’ve built MXT so that it tags the people, places, and logos you want, as well as describing scenes, so that only the most relevant objects and labels are indexed. The result? The most accurate media search experience available.

Where is my media stored?

At Moments Lab we understand that a great storage strategy is the foundation for efficient operations and a profitable business. Our flexible offer ranges from hosting 100% of your content, to integrating with your third-party storage provider.

Do you offer a trial?

We sure do! Take advantage of a 7-day personalized trial during which you can easily upload your content to our platform and access all features. Our team of media experts will be available to help if you get stuck or have any questions.

How do I migrate my existing archive?

Our team has extensive experience in seamlessly migrating vast audiovisual archives for the media and broadcast industry. We work closely with you to ensure a smooth and speedy transition, whilst preserving any existing organization and cataloging standards of your valuable archive. Rest assured, your media and existing metadata are in safe hands.

Can you deploy on-prem?

Moments Lab is a cloud-deployed software and users can choose a full cloud or hybrid model, where they bring their own storage. Our platform offers quick implementation, easy scalability, and remote access from anywhere. We continuously release new features to maximize value for our users.

What type of support do you offer?

At Moments Lab, we're committed partners in your success story. Our dedication extends beyond the sale, as we work hand-in-hand with our collaborators to ensure they achieve their goals and surpass their expectations. We offer support via email, chat, and WhatsApp. A dedicated Customer Success Manager also checks in regularly to provide personalized support.

Will Moments Lab work alongside my current DAM or MAM?

Moments Lab can enrich your images and videos with searchable metadata. You can set up automatic workflows to receive content from your MAM before returning it with enriched metadata - a process we call Just Index. Organizations can also use our Media Marketplace to make content from their MAM available to external buyers, enabling them to browse, clip, request the original file, and place orders easily.

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