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AWS Qualified Software

Moments Lab is an AWS Qualified Software

Moments Lab (ex Newsbridge) has achieved the coveted Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technology Partner status and completed the cloud provider’s Foundational Technical Review program, earning its Qualified Software solution status. The AWS partner network is the global community of businesses using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to develop customer-focused solutions and services, and gathers some of the most innovative companies in the world.

Joining the AWS Partner Network continues Moments Lab's mission of providing a one-stop solution for customers looking to move their media asset management to the cloud for enhanced efficiencies and increased profitability. Moments Lab offers a smart approach to media asset management thanks to its multimodal indexing via artificial intelligence (AI), used for media logging, archiving, monetizing, or investigative research.

With the added-value of Amazon expertise, Moments Lab uses its signature multimodal and generative AI technology called MXT-1 in collaboration with the following AWS capabilities to carry-out the smart-indexing of hundreds of thousands of digital media assets in real-time, using a variety of micro-service algorithms.


Amazon EC2 G4 Instances run neural networks and machine learning applications to train and detect patterns from custom datasets imported by customers. Moments Lab is able to harness the power of Nvidia GPU and the very latest instances g4dn to cut costs and compute advanced multimodal inferences (crossing transcription, patterns, facial and object recognition to achieve an improved confidence level).

Machine Learning

Amazon Comprehend detects named entities to boost relevancy for multimodal analysis purposes. Using natural language processing (NLP), this algorithm develops insight via entity, key phrase, language and sentiment recognition. Comprehend’s key phrase detection matches keywords relevant to an article against existing Brightspot instance tags, offering advanced suggestions to users. Moments Lab is also leveraging the use of SageMaker to train new datasets.


Serverless technologies like API Gateway, AWS Lambda, ECS and Fargate run Moments Lab backend services and help scale the architecture to adapt to customer needs. They also allow Moments Lab to innovate, test new ideas or services and bring them to production faster.


Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service offering industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. Moments Lab is leveraging this object storage service to store petabytes of data in a fast, secured and sustainable way. The different storage tiers offered by Amazon S3 allow Newsbridge to be cost efficient without impacting the customers experience.


Through the unique cloud-based infrastructure on AWS, the Moments Lab platform enables production teams to quickly, smartly and accurately index and manage their digital media assets. This has resulted in accelerated digital media asset management for numerous teams in an array of industries.

Additionally, the customizability and agility of the platform provides media teams the ability to quickly and efficiently search for, analyze and categorize assets via a real-time solution, based on their self-populated, complete pool of assets.

Amazon Web Services is a trusted provider, as Moments Lab will harness AWS worldwide locations and availability to deliver services close to its international clients’ offices.