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Why are Hybrid Workflows the Future for Media & Sports Content Asset Management?
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Why are Hybrid Workflows the Future for Media & Sports Content Asset Management?

Carole Pigeard
July 26, 2022
If organizations weren’t taking media asset contingency planning and access seriously before the pandemic, they certainly are now. Here’s why many broadcasters and sports rights-holders are switching to hybrid content storage workflows.

Pandemic reality check

It’s a scenario that organizations certainly didn’t envisage three years ago - citywide lockdowns with restricted access to offices, limited ability to collaborate on files with colleagues, and virtually zero access to on-prem content.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought with it a reality check that has compelled companies to focus on content access resilience. They’re reassessing the risks posed by threats such as natural disasters and cyber attacks, even the effect of having content archives locked up on legacy platforms in siloes. For many organizations, the best response to these threats lies in hybrid workflows.

Content accessibility unlocked

Replacing LTO, ODA or augmenting them with new technologies and a non-siloed storage approach offers more flexibility. A popular solution is object storage on-prem with hybrid workflows to the cloud.

The hybrid model provides the perfect mix of unfettered remote access for content collaboration and deep archive, with the security of on-prem backup in case of an outage.

This workflow model appeals to broadcasters and sports rights-holders for reasons beyond contingency planning. It also offers cost efficiency and predictability, better internal regulation and data sovereignty.

The power of Metadata

Searchable content goes hand-in-hand with hybrid workflows, because if organizations don’t know what they have stored on-prem and in the cloud, it’s as good as lost. Using AI to automatically enrich media assets with timestamped metadata helps teams find exactly what they’re looking for among their content archives in a matter of minutes.

Since it belongs to organizations and not their vendors, metadata also needs to be portable across MAM, DAM or PAM, on-prem or cloud storage.

Newsbridge and Object Matrix - powering your hybrid storage workflow

Object Matrix and Newsbridge provide media and sports rights-holders with an integrated solution for hybrid content storage management. From simplifying on-prem, hybrid and cloud-native archive setup and security measures via Object Matrix, to ingesting archived or live content into the Newsbridge platform to leverage AI-powered asset management.

The joint solution brings productivity gains, operational efficiencies and the resilient access to content that organizations are looking for.

If your broadcast or sports organization needs a cost-competitive solution that maintains on-prem storage for original files, whilst offering a cloud media hub for accessing, searching and working with media assets from anywhere, get in touch with us.

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