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Release Note: Full-Text Searching is here!
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Release Notes

Release Note: Full-Text Searching is here!

Moments Lab Content Team
June 15, 2020

Introducing Full-Text Search

In November 2019, we released an improved version of our Cognitive Search.

As you know, Newsbridge's search engine is designed with our users top-of-mind. We help you find the most accurate clips based on your search query, whether you are looking for a specific person's appearance, spoken word, object or a mixture of all of the above.

Until now, you had to specify what you were looking for via individual search elements. For example, by using symbols such as alt: @ and/or quotation mark: " you can execute a granular search for a specific person and topic among your digital assets (i.e. images or audiovisuals).

Of course you can continue to do that, but... here's the new twist! Now with full-text search you are able to carry out a global search query around a keyword or suite of keywords without specifications.

This means that the system will propose all occurrences if it's detected in the audio, image, annotation or any other meta-data.

Lennon full-text search query - newsbridge
Full-Text search

Full-text search opens a whole new world of possibilities for you in terms of investigation related to your content or Collections creations, just to name a few.

Wait, There's More!

And... we didn't stop there. We also added another update in which search results are now grouped by media. This should significantly ease your browsing and exploration activity!

Grouped results within the same media

Finally, you can also access these search results on the media player page, under the right-hand search icon / panel.

Search in Media - Newsbridge
Viewable results within the Media page

Happy searching!

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