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Release Note: March 2020
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Release Note: March 2020

Moments Lab Content Team
March 27, 2020

Our latest release in response to the pandemic crisis

Right now the entire team is mobilized to help you face this unprecedented crisis. We've worked on some platform improvements over the past few days in order to help you even more.

What's new ?

🔴 SRT Live stream transmission protocol via internet is now fully supported. This protocol, relying on UDP, is not impacted by network bandwidth restrictions and overcharge so you can get those live feeds coming!

Timelapse is here! You can now easily transform a long still shot into an accelerated timelapse directly in the platform. Once your clip is in your cart, simply select the "Timelapse" destination. It will automatically create a new mission with the accelerated clip. We believe that this editorial format will definitely bring value to your stories.

Timelapse functionality
Select “Timelapse” in your destination to automatically accelerate your clip.

In case you don't see the "Timelapse" entry in the list of your destinations, don't hesitate to contact us via chat. We will activate it for you.

What's improved?

📥 Cart export speed: we've drastically improved the speed at which your cart is generated to facilitate your day to day work corresponding with your home bandwidth. For instance, our dev team is calling it the "turbocart", because it's fast... really fast ⚡️.

Fast Giph

That's all for now. However, we are working around the clock to respond to your emerging needs during this time.

Meanwhile don't hesitate to get in touch, we are here to help.

Take care.

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