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MXT-1.5 is a multimodal AI that helps media, sports and entertainment organizations accurately index video at scale.

500 hours
of video analyzed per minute
faster than
manual logging
more cost efficient than off-the-shelf AI

Forget about manual logging

Our AI does the heavy lifting on tedious media logging tasks, freeing up your teams to work on what they enjoy most. The creative part.

Source content quickly

Find the exact moments you or your team needs in seconds, without any special know-how, and slash content production times by up to 70%.

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Achieve indexing consistency

Eliminate human bias and create a standardized way of indexing your media. It’s like having your best logger work on multiple assets at the same time.

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Bring your archive to life

Rapidly enhance your media library's value, discover hidden gems for repurposing or turn old content into new revenue with a custom branded marketplace.

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New in MXT-1.5

Sound Bites

MXT-1.5 highlights sound bites in your video, so you don't need to waste time scrolling through a transcript.


Instantly see all related shots in a video. MXT-1.5 automatically groups all shots into editorial sequences.

Unmatched Accuracy

Video scene descriptions generated by MXT-1.5 are 87.5% more accurate than other open source vision language models*.

*State-of-the-art models released in 2023 and tested against MXT-1.5 on their ability to describe shots from a dataset of 45,000 frames.

Accurate Indexing. Relevant Search.

No more endless pages of irrelevant results. Unlike traditional AI, which labels everything it sees,
MXT-1 describes what’s happening in a video the way content creators want to search for it.



Create stand-out content faster

Your archiving super power

Find the moment, not the file

Automatically break down videos into editorial sequences that are indexed and made searchable. No need to search by tags. Instead, simply search how you think.

Identify the best quotes

Forget needing to watch a full video to find the right quotes. MXT-1.5 transcribes and translates speech in any language - even in footage where multiple languages are spoken - so you can effortlessly search for key phrases. It even automatically highlights the best sound bites.

See who is in your content

Build up a custom thesaurus and train MXT-1.5 to identify people relevant to your organization, the moment they appear in a media asset. Search using aliases and see real-time descriptions of who each person is thanks to our native integration with Wikidata.

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Detect logos and text on screen

Highlight and share content including brand logos to enhance relationships with your sponsors. MXT-1.5 reads on-screen graphics, and automatically sorts and categorizes the media.

Identify landmarks

Easily access your stock footage of landmarks and landscapes to better frame narratives. MXT-1.5 identifies thousands of known monuments and geographical locations.

Automatically categorize your media

Analyze and classify videos depending on the subject matter. Establish dynamic collections for easy access to specific types of content. Just specify your desired categories, and we'll handle the rest.

Built for Media, Sports and Entertainment

Trained on relevant content

AI is only as good as the dataset it’s trained on. MXT-1.5 has been built with a curated dataset containing millions of news, sports and entertainment content.

Transform indexing workflows

Shift teams from the mundane task of logging content to verifying MXT-1.5 output. Ensure faster, reliable media indexing.

Enrich with your own data

Add organization-specific information to any media file, with custom fields that can even be filled automatically depending on how you ingest media.

Keep your infrastructure

Leverage the indexing power of MXT-1.5 and have it send generated metadata to third party libraries or OTT platforms with our Just Index solution.

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How Moments Lab's MXT-1.5 Compares to Other AI Providers


Moments Lab
Vision & STT
Video Indexer
Shot by shot video descriptions
Editorial sequencing
Media summaries
Multilingual transcription & translation
Sound bite detection
Detect shot types
Detect faces and assign speakers
Faces only
Faces only
Faces only
Detect and train logos
No training
Identify landmarks
Detect text in images (OCR)
Automatic media categorization
Review and modify AI output
Build custom thesaurus of people and labels
Integrate sports data feeds
Analyze existing metadata

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