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New AI Researcher in the House: Welcome Yannis!
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New AI Researcher in the House: Welcome Yannis!

Moments Lab Content Team
August 25, 2020

New To Newsbridge!

In true Newsbridge fashion, we are obsessed with our people... especially newbies! This past week we welcomed our latest talent, Yannis who joins us as an in-house AI researcher.

As a PhD student at Telecom SudParis, his research lies in cutting-edge signal processing, machine learning, computer vision and speech analysis methods.

Here at Newsbridge, Yannis will be joining the Tech Department tasked with the continuous mission of improving Multimodal AI applied to transcription and speaker detection.

Welcome to the Newsbridge team, Yannis.

Link between University Research and Industry Application

A couple weeks back we published an article on the importance of linking next-gen university research with industry application. You may remember the following quote from our CTO, Frédéric Petitpont:

“The consensus here [ at Newsbridge ] is that groundbreaking AI research is a marathon, not a sprint. Although the company is only 4 years old, we are backed with 10+ years of R&D in the latest generation of neural networks. A unique collaboration between professional expertise and top-tier university research. That’s something we’re really proud of.”

-Frédéric Petitpont, CTO Newsbridge

Next Gen AI: Bridging Pioneer University Research and Industry Application: Image Source

With the European Commission’s recent investment of €20 billion in AI innovation research, Newsbridge projects both gradual and sweeping AI technological advancements over the next several years. As a result, the team has placed an enormous weight on continuous Deep Tech research and development.

One way we’ve made this mission a reality is by working with talented and experienced university researchers, such as Yannis!

When asked why he wanted to be a part of Newsbridge:

“I chose Newsbridge to pursue my studies with a PhD in multimodal AI because it was the right balance between my passion for audiovisual content and the research I want to do. Newsbridge also has a strong R&D culture that fit perfectly with what I’m doing.”

- Yannis, Newsbridge AI Researcher

The Onboarding Experience

Joining the team remotely, Yannis has already experienced the unique benefit of Newsbridge’s hybrid remote culture that allows all employees to work together... from anywhere.

“I did my entire onboarding remotely. It was kind of nerve-racking at first, but it went really well. I could meet my colleagues via one-on-one meetings and take part in team meetings. They are all already used to working remotely with coworkers so it went smoothly.”

On a more personal note, Yannis enjoys filmmaking and photography- the audiovisual space is his playground.

Welcome to Newsbridge, Yannis!

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