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Moments Lab and Object Matrix Partner to Optimize Cloud-based Archive Workflows
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Moments Lab and Object Matrix Partner to Optimize Cloud-based Archive Workflows

Moments Lab Content Team
November 22, 2021

23rd November, 2021, Paris & Cardiff — Object Matrix (now Perifery), the leading provider of object storage solutions and media focused cloud platforms to the media industry have partnered with Moments Lab (ex Newsbridge), a cloud-based platform for next-gen media valorisation designed by AI & Cloud experts for Media and Sports Rights-Holders.

The integrated solution brings together two content management services: Moments Lab’s AI-powered Media Hub and Object Matrix’s revolutionary media-focused cloud storage platform. By joining forces, the combined technology provides users with a collaborative, remote-friendly cloud archiving solution that promotes optimized and monetized workflows for the broadcasting and media industry.

From simplifying on-prem, hybrid and cloud-native archives setup and security measures via Object Matrix, to ingesting archived or live content into the Moments Lab platform to leverage AI-powered asset management, the solution allows for a unique Remote Storage Compliant, or what we like to call BYOS (Bring Your Own Storage), experience. With this option, users can access their content in the cloud, regardless of where it is stored, benefiting from cloud computing with advanced search and retrieval capabilities.

By utilising Object Matrix’s MatrixStore Cloud solution, users can upload new assets or scan existing archives to create rich metadata using Moments Lab’s powerful AI tools. Moments Lab is then able to create and use proxies of original assets that are stored securely on Matrixstore, ensuring speedy production workflows. Once assets are in the Moments Lab Media Hub, content is aggregated into AI-powered Collections, or ever-growing folders of content triggered by various modes of detection: face, logo, speech-to-text, objects, etc. This gives users the ability to leverage a built-in semantic search bar to find exact sequences in less than 2 seconds. This, paired with Moments Lab’s Content Monetization Showcase and Resale Portal allows users to further valorize content by inviting external buyers, sponsors or partners to a unique clip & collect experience.

The partnership has created an accessible avenue for broadcast and media companies looking to stay cost competitive, maintain storage sovereignty, find low energy solutions and break migration barriers, all while generating new business. At the same time, it answers the common need for a lightweight solution to optimize cloud-native archiving workflows. It also ensures financial viability of assets along with increased ROI and comprehensive user training and feature knowledge.

Chief Revenue Officer at Object Matrix, Nick Pearce commented:

“Digital archives hold zero value if the content cannot be easily analyzed, tagged, processed and shared. The combination of MatrixStore Cloud Storage and the Moments Lab Media hub brings some very exciting opportunities to our customers as they look to exploit the latent value in their archives and collections.”

CTO at Moments Lab, Frédéric Petitpont, commented:

“Our combined solutions empower creative production teams to produce more content faster, with no hidden costs. A seamless integration between MatrixStore and Moments Lab means content can be uploaded, scanned, indexed and then monetised quickly and efficiently.”

About Object Matrix

Object Matrix (Perifery) is the award winning software company that pioneered object storage and the modernisation of media archives. It exists to enable global collaboration, increase operational efficiencies and empower creativity through deployment of MatrixStore, the on-prem, hybrid and cloud storage platform. Their unified deployment approach ensures content spans on-prem and cloud storage whilst their focus on the media industry gives them a deep understanding of the challenges organisations face when protecting, processing and sharing video content. Customers include: BBC, Orange, France Televisions, BT, HBO, TV Globo, MSG-N and NBC Universal.

About Moments Lab

Moments Lab (ex Newsbridge) is a cloud media hub platform for live & archived content.

Powered by Multimodal Indexing AI and a data driven indexing approach, Moments Lab provides unprecedented access to content by automatically detecting faces, objects, logos, written texts, audio transcripts and semantic context.

Whether it be for managing and accessing live recordings, clipping highlights, future friendly archiving, content retrieval or content showcasing and monetization - the solution allows for smart & efficient media asset management.

Today our platform is used by worldwide TV Channels, Press Agencies, Sports Rights Holders, Production Houses, Journalists, Editors and Archivists to boost their production workflow and media ROI.

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