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Newsbridge is Now Moments Lab - Here’s Why
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Newsbridge is Now Moments Lab - Here’s Why

Philippe Petitpont
co-founder & CEO
March 19, 2024

Today we’re changing our name from Newsbridge to Moments Lab. The time is right for a new company name that fully embodies our mission to help organizations build better video content, faster.

At the start of our Newsbridge journey, we didn’t quite know where the road would take us. Contrary to popular belief, my brother Frederic and I did not name our company “Newsbridge” in some kind of tribute to our last name (Petitpont meaning “little bridge” in English). However it has made for a nice conversation starter.

We chose the name Newsbridge because it represented our very first customers and the first solution that we built: a virtual “bridge” to enable field reporters to file their stories from anywhere in the world, ensuring that all media files were adequately labeled and easily identifiable by editors and producers in the newsroom.

Two men with their backs to the camera fixing a purple company logo decal to a white wall.
Newsbridge’s first two employees (aside from myself and Fred), Loic and Gil, putting up our original logo.

We’ve come a long way since then. We’ve established a flexible and scalable product offering for live and archive media asset management, and expanded our customer base — our solutions are now used worldwide by organizations across media and entertainment, sports, and brands. 

Fun fact: our very first paying customer was actually an international sports federation!

Most recently, our groundbreaking MXT Multimodal AI models, which generate human-like descriptions of videos, are empowering teams to redefine the way they index and create content. With our solutions, organizations are crafting compelling stories faster and unlocking new revenue opportunities from their ever-growing media libraries.

 See how the name Newsbridge just wasn’t cutting it anymore?

A New Name That Truly Embodies Our Vision And Mission

Changing our name to Moments Lab reflects the talented people who have joined our team in recent years, the AI innovations we’ve achieved, the ever-expanding scope of organizations that we work with, and the grand ambitions we have for our technology.

Today our goal is to help content producers tell engaging stories in a timely manner and maximize ROI from their content. It all starts with identifying the moments that matter the most. And this is exactly what the combination of our next-gen MXT Multimodal AI technology and workspace solutions help our customers achieve.

Moments are what stories are made of, and a lab is where great discoveries are made. Moments Lab provides you with easy access and insight into all of your audiovisual content, and serves as a launchpad to all of the tools and platforms your content needs to thrive. 

We hope our new name resonates with you as much as it does with us.

We’re excited to share our latest innovations under our new name of Moments Lab with you at the 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas! Book a meeting with our team for a full demo.

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