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Moments Lab and NINA Partner for Powerful AI-Generated Content Enrichment
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Moments Lab and NINA Partner for Powerful AI-Generated Content Enrichment

Moments Lab Content Team
November 10, 2023

SaaS platform providers join forces to offer organizations a complete solution for automatically indexing media assets on NINA Content with MXT-1 multimodal and generative AI.

AI company solving the video searchability problem, Moments Lab (ex Newsbridge), has teamed up with media asset management platform NINA to provide automatic indexing value to customers using NINA Content.

Moments Lab’s Just Index solution, powered by award-winning MXT-1 multimodal and generative AI, now integrates with the NINA Content MAM, enabling instant access to rich metadata on every media file, and drastically improving the discoverability of an ever-growing media library. 

Just Index works by analyzing media files (proxy or original) from on-prem or cloud storage. Media assets are processed and enriched by MXT-1, which detects faces, text, logos, landmarks, objects, actions, context, shot types, and speech to generate a semantic, human-like description of the content for increased searchability. The output can be reviewed and validated, after which the metadata is sent via a sidecar file to NINA Content.

Moments Lab (ex Newsbridge) and NINA workflow.

NINA’s scalable hybrid MAM integrates localization tools (dubbing, subtitling and AV project management suite) and users’ favorite tools seamlessly. NINA is a secure media solution that smoothly collects media from various storage sources and offers a suite of software for effortless collaboration, along with robust automation capabilities. NINA can be fully deployed on-prem or in the cloud.

Marc Clouet, Product Director CTM Group said:

“Integrating Moments Lab’s groundbreaking MXT-1 AI technology with NINA Content improves the efficiency, relevance and management of media assets across various functions, from archives to supply chain management and usage rights. MXT-1’s comprehensive, human-like descriptions put the end-user at the center of the production process, and we’re very pleased to offer this AI indexing technology to our NINA Content customers.”

Philippe Petitpont, CEO and co-founder at Moments Lab added:

“It’s a pleasure to help NINA customers scale their indexing and archiving tasks with Moments Lab’s Just Index solution. The rich metadata generated by MXT-1 facilitates content search and discovery, enabling NINA Content users to instantly find the media assets they need to create better stories, faster.”

Moments Lab and NINA’s solutions are available to demo at Global Media Congress, November 14-16 2023 in Abu Dhabi. Book a meeting.

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About Moments Lab

Moments Lab (ex Newsbridge) is the leading AI company solving the video searchability problem. Powered by MXT-1 multimodal and generative AI indexing technology, Moments Lab provides unprecedented access to audiovisual content by generating natural language descriptions of scenes including the automatic detection of faces, objects, logos, landmarks, written texts, audio transcripts, and semantic context.

Whether it be for managing and accessing live recordings, clipping highlights, future friendly archiving, content retrieval or content showcasing and monetization — Moments Lab solutions enable smart and efficient media asset management.

Today our platform is used worldwide by TV channels, press agencies, production houses, journalists, editors, archivists, and sports rights holders to boost their production workflow and media ROI.

About CTM

CTM Group is the parent company of NINA, and our mission is to provide the best solutions for audiovisual content production, management, archiving and distribution on all types of media. CTM Group works with TV and radio media, production and post-production companies, corporations and in the public sector. CTM Group brings together a range of complementary activities to provide cross-disciplinary expertise in the media and digital sectors.

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