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Moments Lab Unveils Next-Gen MXT-1.5 AI at the 2024 NAB Show
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Moments Lab Unveils Next-Gen MXT-1.5 AI at the 2024 NAB Show

Moments Lab Content Team
February 29, 2024

At the 2024 NAB Show, AI and cloud media company Moments Lab will showcase groundbreaking new features powered by the latest version of its award-winning AI indexing models.

Attendees will see how MXT-1.5’s new sequences detection and sound bites features automatically highlight the best moments in a video to help editors and producers create content faster.

"In the past year, MXT-1 has helped many organizations realize the potential of generative and multimodal AI when deployed for various use cases — such as boosting the searchability of their vast media collections. Our users are finding the exact moments they need in seconds, without any special media search know-how. As a result, they’ve slashed their content sourcing times by as much as 70%. At this year’s NAB Show, we’re upping the innovation with new AI features for the automatic indexing and summarizing of video content that we know the industry will love."

- Philippe Petitpont, co-founder and CEO at Moments Lab.

New Features in MXT-1.5

  • Sequences Detection: Enabling users to instantly find the moments they need to build a story, MXT-1.5 improves the relevancy of search results by automatically grouping shots into the editorial sequences that content producers are looking for. 
  • Automatic Sound Bites: MXT-1.5 automatically highlights soundbites in a video, allowing journalists and editors to instantly discover compelling quotes to help tell their stories without needing to spend time scrolling an entire video or transcript.
  • Media Topic Categorization: MXT-1.5 automates the categorization of videos into relevant overarching topics or themes defined by the user. By handling the mundane, time-consuming task of content classification, the technology enables media managers to focus on more strategic and creative tasks.

Intelligent Media Sorting and Editorial Insights With Unmatched Accuracy

At the 2024 NAB Show, Moments Lab will unveil powerful new features in its most sophisticated AI indexing models yet. Video scene descriptions generated by MXT-1.5 are 87.5% more accurate than other open source vision language models.* This unlocks significant efficiencies for media asset indexing. Using MXT-1.5, content producers can bring up the most relevant moments in their extensive media libraries in seconds. MXT-1.5’s new features and improvements ultimately empower media organizations to create more compelling and monetizable content, faster.

*State-of-the-art AI models released in 2023 and tested against MXT-1.5 on their ability to describe shots from a dataset of 45,000 frames.

MXT-1.5 includes new Sequences Detection and Sound Bites features which automatically highlight the best moments in a video.

New User Interface For Enhanced Media Asset Management

At the 2024 NAB Show Moments Lab will unveil a new-and-improved user interface for its cloud-native platform, elevating the AI-powered video search experience and making it easier than ever for organizations — with their large library of audiovisual content — to work with AI. Moments Lab will also demo the following scalable suite of solutions for media, entertainment, and sports companies:

Book a demo meeting with Moments Lab (ex Newsbridge) at the 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas. Find us at stand #SL2113.

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