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Release Note: New cart experience + Manual multi-indexing
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Release Note: New cart experience + Manual multi-indexing

Moments Lab Content Team
May 19, 2020

User experience delights of the month: improved cart and manual multi-indexing

1- Project-based carts

The entire team has been working hard this past month to drastically re-envision the cart experience to better suit your day-to-day challenges.

We came to the realization that when you create a cart of clips, it could be the start of a new work project for you.

Therefore your unique journey could include a variety of steps from iterations to export, with the possibility of easily finding past clip selections, created by you or a co-worker.

In the video below, we give you a demo of the improved cart layout capabilities and the new Carts History tab. If you would rather watch the demo in French: c'est par ici.

2- Manual multi-tagging

In a matter of seconds, our AI can automatically detect, tag and index an extremely large amount of media assets, but YOU can't do it personally. So that got us thinking...

Of course Newsbridge is here for you to exploit AI's fullest potential and supercharge your indexing tasks with lightning speed. At the same time, one of our core design principles is "what the machine can do, the user should be able to do, too" for certain equity and ethical reasons (which we won't go too much into detail here or you'll never finish reading this post)! 😅

So to be true to our principle, we made the choice to enhance your tagging experience- allowing you to manually add or delete indexing tags on large pools of media sets, rather than having to do it asset by asset.

Step by Step

1/ Go to the desired mission page and select the assets (photos and/or videos) you wish to tag by clicking the upper right box on each asset.

Eg: Here we are selecting team members headshots

2/ Once you have selected all the assets you need to tag, select the option "Indexing" in the purple banner that has appeared on top of the mission page.

Eg: Once all the desired assets are selected, we click on “Indexing”

3/ A panel will appear on the right side of your screen, you can then type the indexing data you wish to tag your assets with. Then click on the button "Add New Data".

Eg: We type the desired data to be tagged on the assets, here “Business Team”

4/ A pop-up will appear asking you if the data is a Label or a Person. Select the relevant option.

Eg: The data “Business Team” we are adding is a label, so we select the Label option

5/ All our assets are now tagged. You will be able to retrieve all those assets using the newly added tag(s) in the search bar.

Eg: We can now retrieve the headshots of the Business team members with the #Business Team label in the search bar

Happy clipping and indexing!

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