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Customer story

M6 Groupe chooses Moments Lab for Video Content Indexing and Optimization

Moments Lab Content Team
March 21, 2019

M6 Overview

Established in 1987 around the M6 channel, M6 Groupe is a powerful multimedia entity, offering a wide range of programs, products and services. Its Television sector alone spans 8 channels, including one of the top 5 most-viewed television channels in France: M6. In radio, the Group is also proprietor of 3 large-scale stations, including France’s top radio station RTL.

M6 Groupe partners with Newsbridge
M6 Groupe: Image Source


Overseeing the production and acquisition of content, digital media, e-commerce, films and music, the Groupe has expanded its activities gradually over the years. More specifically, these activities have grown via targeted diversification and innovative offerings. One such example is 6play, its digital platform launched in 2013. As of 2018, it has acquired 25 million registered users and 1.4 billion videos viewed.

Subsequently, in 2018 the Group decided to expand its video service. Keeping in line with their prowess for innovation, the Group was looking for a partnership that would address this initiative. At the same time, stakeholders wanted to better process large amounts of information, in the form of a video content indexing solution.

Specifically, the challenge at hand was to index 45 hours of fresh content daily in addition to 40,000 hours of archives. M6 was looking for a way to save documentalists hours of time while also creating an added value. They wanted to promote internal reusability and resale of content via M6 Video Bank.

Newsbridge M6 Soiree Apero Digital
Moments Lab's team giving a demo at a Digital Meet Up.

Partnership with Moments Lab

After deliberation, M6 made the decision to provide its teams with AI-based tools to scale and industrialize content indexing. Later in 2018, this solution was materialized when M6 selected Moments Lab (ex Newsbridge) as the platform that successfully responded to their needs. As a result, the Group obtained a real-time content indexing solution with seamless integration into the broadcasting supply chain environment. As content enrichment was a top priority for stakeholders, it was a natural choice for the organization. Most importantly, the platform’s indexing features enabled M6 Groupe to generate new revenue by improving referencing and accessibility to content.

By partnering with Moments Lab, M6 was able to directly add value to its content using AI mechanisms to extend and improve indexing capacity. More precisely- the Group now has the ability to detect all relevant media components (i.e. faces, speech-to-text, context, etc.), which are all part of the platform’s content indexing solution. Once indexed, the videos are then used internally by the M6 Groupe’s editorial staff. The M6 Groupe also uses this feature to sell rush stock video footage, master video excerpts and even complete international programs externally through its B2B M6 Video Bank Portal.

Alexis Bureau from M6 Groupe explains,

 “With the exponential growth of media information to be processed, all non-indexed content is lost or underutilized. Moments Lab’s solution allows us to automate the indexing of people in a video and transcribe the entire audio into text”. 

To ensure proper integration between the platform and the M6 environment, Moments Lab's team worked with AVID, a company specializing in audiovisual production IT tool development, in order to reach a perfect interoperability between the two solutions.

Now, M6 Groupe editorial teams use Moments Lab to enrich media files with metadata (faces recognition, transcript, object detection, etc.) in a semi-automated way. Meta data is then sent back to AVID's MAM instantly. Once a video is fully indexed, it gains more value and can be sent to M6 Video Bank.


In conclusion, the benefits of working with Moments Lab are twofold for the M6 Groupe. The organization sees both reduced production costs and also generation of new income. Through this partnership, the two companies worked together to create a custom media indexing model, using the power of cognitive content indexing technologies.

Fitting perfectly with the Group’s slogan of “Let’s continue to grow together!” Moments Lab looks forward to its continued Partnership with M6.

Newsbridge M6 Meetup
Moments Lab hosted a Meet-Up in Paris to present M6's AI use case to other TV Networks.

About Moments Lab

Moments Lab (ex Newsbridge) is a cloud media hub platform for live & archived content.

Powered by Multimodal Indexing AI and a data driven indexing approach, Moments Lab provides unprecedented access to content by automatically detecting faces, objects, logos, written texts, audio transcripts and semantic context.

Whether it be for managing and accessing live recordings, clipping highlights, future friendly archiving, content retrieval or content showcasing and monetization - the solution allows for smart & efficient media asset management.

Today our platform is used by worldwide TV Channels, Press Agencies, Sports Rights Holders, Production Houses, Journalists, Editors and Archivists to boost their production workflow and media ROI.