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Customer story

Brut. Covers Cannes Film Festival with Moments Lab

Moments Lab Content Team
September 1, 2022

Brut achieved over 200 million views of its Cannes Film Festival content, which was centralized, auto-indexed and redistributed with Moments Lab.


Brut is the leading global media brand for short-form digital content. The company publishes daily entertainment and news videos and audio on eight social network platforms. Brut has captured the 18 - 34 year-old audience in recent years with its focus on values-driven stories and themes that have a strong social impact.

Challenge & Context

In 2022 Brut was chosen as a media partner for the 75th edition of the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, the largest film market in the world.

Brut needed a platform on which its documentalists could centralize, index and redistribute all of the footage captured over the 12 days of the festival, including Tom Cruise’s first red carpet appearance in three decades and the moment Triangle of Sadness won the prestigious Golden Palm Award.

Journalists from all over the world would require immediate access to Brut’s Cannes recordings to easily search for and clip key moments for social media reels, longer form video highlights and reporting packages. To facilitate fast turnaround times, journalists and editors would need to see and understand instantly if footage came from, for example, the red steps of the Palais des Festivals, a one-on-one interview, the awards stage or a press conference.

This translated into a need for a remotely-accessible cloud media hub and live asset manager, with the ability to scale indexing tasks with AI to apply as much metadata as possible.

Moments Lab Solution

Brut chose Moments Lab (ex Newsbridge) as its official partner, and the solution deployed to support its 2022 Cannes Film Festival coverage included:

  • A Cloud Media Hub
  • Live Asset Manager
  • Multimodal AI Indexing.

Brut’s Cannes video streams were recorded live into Moments Lab where Multimodal AI Indexing automatically detected faces, context and speech-to-text.

Footage was automatically organized into Collections, and journalists logging in to Brut’s Moments Lab Media Hub could start clipping the content they needed right away.

Metadata tagging made it easy for journalists to see what day of Cannes the media assets were  from, and if they were working with clean, unbranded or international footage.

Gabriel Millet, Head of Post-Production at Brut, commented:

“Moments Lab’s automatic indexing and sorting of our Cannes content exceeded expectations. It really amplified the workflow and allowed us to collaborate easily on the live streams as they were being transmitted. We achieved more than 200 million views of Cannes Festival-related content, and the Moments Lab platform was key in enabling us to work together on rushes and publish to our platforms extremely quickly.”

Moments Lab CEO, Philippe Petitpont, said:

“It’s fantastic to work with an inspiring organization such as Brut which is setting a new standard for digital media content. We’re proud to be helping them to streamline their production processes and facilitate collaboration for covering one of the biggest media events in the world.”

Brut’s workflow with Moments Lab (ex Newsbridge)

Brut x Moments Lab by the Numbers

  • 2 live streams running in parallel over the 12 days of Cannes.
  • 175 hours of video content ingested.
  • 4,850+ celebrities recognized through Multimodal AI Indexing.
  • 15 users including documentalists, in-house and external journalists.
  • 32 Collections created specific to each film and context, be it footage from the red carpet, photocalls, actor and director interviews or press conferences.

About Moments Lab

Moments Lab (ex Newsbridge) is a cloud media hub platform for live & archived content.

Powered by Multimodal Indexing AI and a data driven indexing approach, Moments Lab provides unprecedented access to content by automatically detecting faces, objects, logos, written texts, audio transcripts and semantic context.

Whether it be for managing and accessing live recordings, clipping highlights, future friendly archiving, content retrieval or content showcasing and monetization – the solution allows for smart & efficient media asset management.

Today our platform is used by worldwide TV Channels, Press Agencies, Major Sports Federations, Production Houses, Journalists, Editors and Documentalists to boost their production workflow and media ROI.