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Search through petabytes of media in milliseconds

Powerful indexing requires an
equally powerful search engine

The Moments Lab search engine works hand-in-hand with our media understanding AI MXT 1.5 to enable anyone to easily source the right photos, video or audio clips from their vast media library.

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Search how you think

Enable users to search for media as intuitively as they search the web. We index video using human-like descriptions of shots and editorial sequences, which is far more effective than solely using keywords and tags.

Find the needle in the haystack

You're more likely to be looking for a specific moment than a long video file. With Moments Lab's search engine, you can find the exact clip you need in seconds.

Democratize content sourcing

No need to rely on MAM experts or archivists to find content. Empower anyone in or outside of your organization to source the past, recent or live moments they need without any special know-how.

Search no matter the language

Want to search in English and find a match in another language? It's possible with our neural translation in 130+ languages.

“The granularity of Moments Lab’s search engine is incredible as we bring 20 years of club archives to the cloud”

Jan-Philip Kirschke, Head of Content, Bayer Leverkusen

Find the moments that matter

Find that needle instantly

Search in collections

Narrow the net and get more accurate results by starting your search from a customized collection. Collections are rule-based smart folders of related content that update in real-time when new, relevant media is ingested.

Advanced search

Filter by date, rights, event, program, location and more using your organization-defined facets. Use our drag timeline to easily locate media from certain time periods. Our search is also Boolean-compliant.

Search a single video

Search for the most compelling moments in a single video. Reveal quotes, people, sequences and exact shots.

Search in live

You can search directly in a live stream without needing to wait for the end of transmission. Our search engine and media hub treats live as it does archive. Clip, collect and publish in a flash.

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Why is search so important?

Your media library is ever-growing, and traditional, tree-based sorting isn't sufficient in the long run. This is why media asset discovery, video searchability, and search powered by semantics is central to our media asset management philosophy.

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