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Moments Lab's integration with


Send media assets to Moments Lab, enhance them with award-winning AI indexing before sending them back to AVID Central.

About Avid 

Creative people everywhere choose Avid to make today’s most celebrated video and audio content—from iconic movies, binge-worthy TV series, and engaging news and sports shows to chart-topping music and live performances.

Benefits of our Integration with Avid

Enrich your media assets from Avid, improve search performance

Whether you manually log content or already plug in off-the-shelf AI, you likely lack relevant metadata to truly improve content discovery within Avid. Moments Lab’s MXT-1 indexing technology automatically describes what it sees, hears and knows shot-by-shot across any audiovisual content. Our award-winning AI models remove the abundance of irrelevant tags for easier future content searching. 

Advanced transcription and translation

Leverage our state-of-the-art speech-to-text technology to automatically transcribe and translate speech in 130+ languages. Automatically detect and transcribe a single media asset when more than one language is spoken, and translate it into the language of your choice.  

Improve cataloging efficiency and content preservation

Empower your media loggers to transition from manual indexing to supervising and approving MXT-1 indexing, saving time and operational costs whilst ensuring all metadata generated is accurate. 

Use Moments Lab as a gateway to content

Content stored in Moments Lab is retained for up to two weeks. However, users can choose to keep it longer in Moments Lab's Cloud Media Hub for enhanced search performance. This benefits less Avid-savvy marketers and digital teams by facilitating easy access to the required content for creating engaging stories in Avid Media Composer. Our Media Marketplace enables the creation of a personalized content storefront for external buyers to purchase content seamlessly, enhancing monetization opportunities.

Ensure consistency across your media

Our integration is a two-way relationship, meaning any updates made to the original media asset in Avid, such as copyright clearance, can be synced with any file you decide to keep in Moments Lab.

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