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Cepsa Drives Sustainable Digital Transformation with Moments Lab Cloud Media Hub and Multimodal AI

Moments Lab Content Team
January 10, 2024

As part of its digital strategy, the Spanish energy multinational is committed to improving user experience and enhancing search processes for its audiovisual content through sustainable solutions.

Founded in 1929, Cepsa is a Spanish multinational energy company with operations spanning five continents. Present in Europe, LATAM and North Africa, Cepsa is among the largest companies in Spain. Cepsa aims to lead the way in sustainable mobility and energy. Over the course of this decade, it will reduce its Scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions by 55% and its carbon intensity index by 15-20%, with the aim of achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

Foto en blanco y negro de un grupo de personas posando para una fotoDescripción generada automáticamente
Cepsa’s large collection of photos, videos and documents span its 90+ year history.

Centralizing the Media Asset Management Workflow 

As a multinational company that has been around for more than 90 years, Cepsa has a massive collection of photos, videos, and documents including presentations – with some of these dating back to as early as 1930. Over the years this made it challenging for Cepsa employees to find media content quickly and efficiently. As a result, the company recently embarked on a mission to modernize its media archive. 

Cepsa’s main objective was to deploy a fully cloud-based, centralized and unified media asset management (MAM) platform for all communications and external service providers such as graphic designers, photographers, video producers, and innovation agencies.

“We were seeking a way to simply and efficiently share valuable, old and new media content."

Susana Zumel, CIO at Cepsa.  

Foto en blanco y negro de una persona parado de frenteDescripción generada automáticamente con confianza media
Cepsa’s mission was to preserve and modernize its media archive.

The new solution needed to include third-party sharing, download and upload capabilities, and clear and simple user notifications. Moreover, the solution had to be user-friendly, with a streamlined log-in process and without any training required. Furthermore, the platform had to be available in Spanish, since this is the language that the majority of Cepsa’s users speak.

Simplifying Search With AI and the Cloud 

Moments Lab (ex Newsbridge) Cloud Media Hub with Multimodal AI indexing was the perfect solution for Cepsa’s requirements, providing the company with a highly secure and sustainable end-to-end solution for archiving and indexing content.

Adopting the Cloud Media Hub has resulted in a 68% reduction in energy consumption for Cepsa compared to traditional audiovisual storage based on physical servers.

With the support of Moments Lab’s reseller, Compass Media, Cepsa found, sorted, digitized, and manually uploaded all high-priority media assets to its new Cloud Media Hub. 

A screenshot of a videoDescription automatically generated
Files uploaded to Cepsa’s Cloud Media Hub include photos dating back almost a century.

“Cepsa has a treasure trove of content going back almost a century,” said César Ona Valero, Managing Director at Compaas Media. “Given the size of Cepsa’s archive, the digital transformation will take time. Our first priority was successfully migrating Cepsa’s most valuable content to Moments Lab’s Cloud Media Hub, including audio, video, and metadata. Digitizing and ensuring easy access to Cepsa’s content will boost reuse, lower costs, and increase monetization.”

From a central source that is accessible from anywhere, Cepsa can automatically index and search for archived content. Cloud Media Hub interfaces in Spanish and English, along with media transcriptions in English, Spanish and Portuguese, speed up Cepsa’s production workflow. The direct-to-cloud aspect of the media hub enables fast and secure content uploads. External partners and suppliers simply log in to upload and download content via the Cepsa website.

Cepsa’s workflow with Moments Lab.

Multimodal AI indexing detects elements (e.g., lab coat, goggles, tablet, to detect whether a person is an industrial operator or a researcher). Rich metadata is used to log service station names and locations. Optical character recognition (OCR) detects content featuring the Cepsa logo and topics as text. For example, OCR identifies keywords in Powerpoint presentations uploaded to the Moments Lab platform. Cepsa executives can then search through the saved presentations by topic thanks to text and pattern recognition.

Interfaz de usuario gráfica, Sitio webDescripción generada automáticamente
Smart ‘Collections’ folders within the Cloud Media Hub include approved and unapproved media, providing Cepsa’s communications team with flexibility and control.

With the Moments Lab solution, Cepsa can easily create smart Collections folders of people, themes, factory locations, approved and not approved media. These folders provide the Cepsa communications team with unparalleled flexibility and control when sharing content internally and with external stakeholders.

Moments Lab’s Live Asset Manager enables Cepsa to record live streams, including interviews, from various company locations and quickly publish them on social media. With the Live Asset Manager, Cepsa can schedule, capture and record site openings, employee testimonials and CEO press conferences in real time, ensuring that the Cepsa team can efficiently collaborate on stories.

Customizing the Media Hub

The deployment was quick, considering the high level of Media Hub customization required by Cepsa. Personalizing the Moments Lab thesaurus to Cepsa’s activity and vocabulary was a challenge that Moments Lab enthusiastically embraced. Being an energy company, Cepsa has specific phrasing and tagging that the Moments Lab multimodal AI had to learn, which takes time and refinement.

Moments Lab built a thesaurus and anthology about Cepsa, its market segment, and industry. By building the data model and a future digital framework Moments Lab has set Cepsa up with a strong foundation for media preservation and content discovery.

In addition, the Cloud Media Hub is integrated with Cepsa’s own single sign-on (SSO) authentication to ensure robust account security. Moments Lab also customized the account creation invitation emails that were sent to all Cepsa employees, and all communications were translated to Spanish. 

Interfaz de usuario gráfica, Sitio webDescripción generada automáticamente
The Cepsa team can easily create collections of people, themes, factory locations, and more.

Transforming Content Search

Moments Lab has digitally transformed Cepsa’s media asset management workflow and secured its heritage, providing the company with a sustainable, cloud-based repository where media assets can live forever. The oldest media asset saved on the Cloud Media Hub is a photo of Cepsa’s Tenerife factory inauguration in 1930, a testament to the preservation that Moments Lab’s solution provides. Moreover, Moments Lab’s platform is extremely secure, featuring an Amazon backend and internal security protocols that will keep Cepsa’s archived content safe for decades to come.

Adopting Moments Lab’s cloud and AI-based platform has dramatically reduced Cepsa’s audiovisual storage energy consumption, and streamlined its production workflows.

Today, Cepsa can easily subtitle its content in multiple languages thanks to Moments Lab’s cloud video tools. Likewise, the platform’s innovative content searchability has been a boon for business, enabling Cepsa to reuse content freely, which saves the organization substantial money and resources. The platform’s auto indexing capability also lowers Cepsa’s operating costs, eliminating the need for manual indexing, and physical server storage space.

The ability to reuse files also brings consistency to Cepsa’s global branding, ensuring that all media content has the same look and feel. External file sharing capabilities enable Cepsa’s communications team to approve media for brand reputation control. 

Interfaz de usuario gráfica, Sitio webDescripción generada automáticamente
Adopting Moments Lab’s Cloud Media Hub has dramatically improved the Cepsa team’s efficiency and media asset management workflows.

Sharing media content is as simple as a click with the Cloud Media Hub. Cepsa’s communications team receives instant notifications when a new photo or video is uploaded and available for review, speeding up the process of distributing content to key stakeholders. 

“Cepsa is Moments Lab’s first customer in the energy sector, providing us with an opportunity to build unique datasets. Our work with Cepsa showcases the versatility of our cloud and AI solution for a variety of industries, and we’re excited to join Cepsa on their path to a more sustainable future."

Philippe Petitpont, co-founder and CEO of Moments Lab.

“The Cepsa Media Hub, as we now call our audiovisual archive, empowers and gives autonomy to our communications teams, while driving the digital transformation of our ways of working. Using Moments Lab’s cutting-edge AI to index our media assets results in greater process efficiency and a better search experience.”

Amaya Flores, Chief Internal Communications Officer and project owner.

Cepsa x Moments Lab by the Numbers

  • Energy consumption reduced by an impressive 68%.
  • 37,500+ images migrated to Cepsa’s Cloud Media Hub. 
  • 1,300+ hours of video enriched with AI facial and object recognition, transcriptions and translations.
  • 1,000+ people identified in the media assets.
  • 291+ hours of online video available.

About Cepsa 

Cepsa is a leading international company committed to sustainable mobility and energy, with solid technical experience after more than 90 years of activity. The company also has a world-leading chemicals business with increasingly sustainable operations.

In 2022, Cepsa presented its new strategic plan for 2030, Positive Motion, which projects its ambition to be a leader in sustainable mobility, biofuels, and green hydrogen in Spain and Portugal, and to become a benchmark in the energy transition. The company places customers at the heart of its business and will work with them to help them advance their decarbonization objectives.

ESG criterion inspires all of Cepsa's actions as it advances toward its net positive objective. Over the course of this decade, it will reduce its Scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions by 55% and its carbon intensity index by 15-20%, with the goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

About Moments Lab

Moments Lab is the leading AI company solving the video searchability problem. Powered by MXT-1 generative AI indexing technology, Moments Lab provides unprecedented access to audiovisual content by generating natural language descriptions of scenes including the automatic detection of faces, objects, logos, landmarks, written texts, audio transcripts, and semantic context.

Whether it be for managing and accessing live recordings, clipping highlights, future friendly archiving, content retrieval or content showcasing and monetization — Moments Lab solutions enable smart and efficient media asset management.

Today our platform is used worldwide by TV channels, press agencies, production houses, journalists, editors, archivists, and sports rights holders to boost their production workflow and media ROI.

About Compaas Media

In today's fast-paced business landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires embracing digital transformation. We understand that many companies struggle with effectively implementing and harnessing the potential of cloud and AI technologies to drive tangible results. That's where Compaas Media comes in.

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