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Spring Seminar 2022
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Spring Seminar 2022

Moments Lab Content Team
June 30, 2022

Generally accustomed to greeting each other in the “coffee machine” channel on Slack, the entire team recently had the opportunity to gather around a real coffee for the first time in two years. In this period, the team had doubled in size. But what was the occasion? The spring seminar.

An introspective morning with the Climate Fresk workshop

The morning kicked off with a collaborative activity on the issue of global warming, the “Climate Fresk”. The association of the same name, created in 2018 by Cédric Ringenbach, aims at sharing this tool to raise awareness about the climate crisis.

The learning session began as a game. Participants were divided into teams and their goal was to create their own Climate Fresk by arranging cards from left to right, from causes to consequences. Each card represented a concept, a fact or data linked to climate change, whether it be human activity, fossil fuels, sea level rises or higher temperatures. The activity gave us the opportunity to learn more about lesser known phenomena, such as the impact of ocean acidification, the threats linked to melting permafrost and the importance of carbon sinks.

Each team was able to illustrate their own Fresk (aka cause-and-effect timeline), give it a name and present it to the others.

The workshop, led by Eric Ferrachat, climate and environment coach, and Céline Salhab, CSR manager, both volunteers of the association, highlighted the consequences of human activity on nature, biodiversity and human health. Once the game was over, the team was presented with ideas for improvement, and everyone had the chance to express their feelings about the urgency and seriousness of the climate crisis.

This experience allowed us to take a step back individually and collectively and gain a better understanding of the extent of the climate crisis. It was a necessary moment of introspection for everyone at Moments Lab (ex Newsbridge), as the climate crisis is a central concern at every level of the company. Moments Lab is working on low-carbon solutions that will in turn enable our customers to meet their emissions targets.

At the end clap, the facilitator declared humorously:

"People tend to follow what you do, not what you say."

Full of good resolutions (for the most part!), the Moments Lab team headed to the canal Saint-Martin for an enjoyable lunch of international flavors. Unbeknownst to them, they would be in dire need of energy for the afternoon ahead!

The games begin

After lunch, the team headed to the Buttes-Chaumont park for a secret activity inspired by famous French TV show, Koh Lanta. Red and yellow teams were formed to compete for the winners' totem over several rounds. In between an orienteering race and a “steal the flag” game, the teams enjoyed a blind insect tasting.

It was also an opportunity for them to enjoy the ambiance of one of the largest parks in Paris, with its beautiful waterfalls and streams, quaint gazebos and mildly less-than-enjoyable hills.

The afternoon was full of twists and turns, a few falls and the crushing defeat of the yellow team.

The day ended in a privatized bar with beer, cocktails and foosball on the menu along with some passionate conversations and impressive dance moves!

The Moments Lab spring seminar activities not only allowed us to welcome and get to know our newest colleagues, but also to strengthen the bonds within the team - which are all the more important in a remote working culture.

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