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Find that perfect moment in seconds. Moments Lab’s award-winning multimodal AI makes video search a breeze, empowering your team to craft compelling stories faster.

Index your past, present and future.

MXT-1.5 automatically analyzes live streams and archives, generating descriptions of video content, just like a human would. This empowers your team to work 10x faster, focusing on creative tasks and generating more revenue from your ever-growing media library.
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Auto-index like a human would
with MXT-1.5
Instant access
to live + archives
Media Hub & Live Asset Manager
‍Search on your terms, in your terms
Cloud workspace & Moment-Based Search
Turn your media library into a business
Media Marketplace

Used by organizations across
media & entertainment, sports, and brands.

Moments Lab Solutions

All-In-One Workspace

Enrich your media assets with meaningful indexing descriptions, thanks to our Multimodal AI, MXT-1.5.
Once your metadata is extracted and validated by your archivists, you can feed it into your ecosystem of tools, digital or on-prem. That's why we call this solution Just Index.

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Centralize, auto-index and work with your live and archived content in a cloud-based platform, accessible from anywhere.
Moments Lab's Media Hub empowers teams to reduce average production times and improve collaboration.

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With Moments Lab's Live Asset Manager, you can schedule, capture and record hundreds of streams in parallel.
Accessible in real-time, you don't have to wait for the end of transmission to start collaborating on your stories.

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The Media Marketplace is a white label solution that lets you showcase your media assets to external buyers. It helps you generate new revenue streams for your organization.

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"The granularity of Moments Lab’s search engine is incredible as we bring 20 years of club archives to the cloud."

Jan-Philip Kirschke

Head of Content

Bayer Leverkusen

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